Background and activities

Area of interest

  • Smart and Sustainable Built environment (buildings and infrastructure)
  • Sustainability assessment  (LCA, LCC, SD)
  • Digital twin (BIM-IoT)
  • Energy demand analysis


  • TØL 4010 Sustainability assessment
  • TVB 4110  Digital building information
  • TVB 4505  Digital building process, specification
  • TEK 2002  Ecodesign
  • TEK 3109  Ecodesian 1
  • VB8000, Sustainable built environment within digital proses

Ph.d supervising

  • Information modelling for GIS-ITS-BIM integration
  • Enterprise BIM
  • Digital twin for local circular economy
  • Blockchain powered supply chain
  • Reinforcement learning for smart building
  • Process twin for construction Machine
  • BIM-IoT for smart building
  • Reinforcement learning for project scheduling 

Main ongoing projects

  • H2020: Geographical island energy flexibility (GIFT), 2018-2021
  • NFR-IKT Pluss:  Reinforcing the Health Data Infrastructure in Mobility and Assurance through Data Democratization (Health Democratization), 2019-2022
  • COST 18204, Dynamics of placemaking and digitization in Europe´s cities,  2019-2022
  • IEA: ANNEX 72 (2016-2021)
  • NTNU-DIGITAL: BlockChain in supply chain
  • NTNU- Sustainability:  Digital twin for local circular economy network
  • Nordic Fivetech: Reinforcing learning for autonomous building management system

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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