Civil engineering and geomatics group

Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

Civil engineering and geomatics group

A central priority in the department is studies and research that contribute to the development of a more sustainable built environment. The prioritization includes solutions for efficient use of digital information, such as BIM, GIS and various analysis, optimization and decision models, which contributes to more sustainable buildings, infrastructure and built environment.

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Built environment and Geomatics

Built environment and Geomatics

Main topics for research


The group covers the global geographical positioning aspect of data capture. This include setting up and using global coordinate references systems, indoor and outdoor positioning, 3D data acquisition and processing at large and small scales, and diverse remote sensing technologies to build the spatial database of BIM or GIS models.

Digital twin for physical world

The group focuses on digital representation of physical world, covering information modelling, data capture, processing and data mining for digital twin development. This include two parts: 1) integrating spatial database with other relevant information (e.g. social-economic data); 2) data analytic e.g. to support UN SDGs for building sector.

Life cycle sustainability assessment, optimisation and decision support

The group covers life cycle assessment, life cycle cost analysis, social assessment on building and infrastructures. The group also have expertise on multi objective optimisation modelling and technology to support decision-makings for different stakeholders.

Sustainable and resilient built environment development

The group has expertise on process for whole life cycle of building and infrastructures (planning, design, construction, operation and end of life time). The group also covers universal design, systems engineering and circular economy applied to building sector. Moreover, the group also cover the resilience and secure cyber-physical infrastructures.

Digital Twin for sustainable built environment

Digital Twin for sustainable built environment

Research group: Digital Twin for sustainable built environment 

Contact: Lizhen Huang

Research focus:

Integration: Develop new knowledge on how to integrate the information flow from different stakeholders and what tools to use to create one integrated platform for sustainable analysis.

Intelligence: Developing knowledge to improve intelligence and automation in the construction industry along with sustainability product production, based on integration, with targets for fewer delays, minor failures, fewer accidents, less use of resources, less emissions and more viable construction industry.

Innovation: Through knowledge developed in the first two main areas (integration and intelligence), innovative solutions will be developed for the industry or the municipality. This can be digital twin / software / APP to plan element production and delivery, or life cycle analyzes and sustainability benefits in various buildings and infrastructure.



Astrid Stadheim
Associate Professor and Academic Programme Director Bachelor Civil Engineering