Laboratory for Building Information Modeling



NTNU BIM-lab is a collaboration and communication platform for teaching and research related to digital representation of buildings and built environment.

Picture of a BIM model

NTNU / BIM-lab will initially (2018) be used as support for the teaching for the field of study Digital building processes on the 2-year master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The purpose is to facilitate access to project data.

NTNU / BIM-lab will also be important for gaining experience with sharing information about buildings and building environments.

Space resources associated
The term NTNU / BIM-lab will primarily be related to common resources on a server. There will be dedicated rooms on the various NTNU campuses. In connection with these rooms there will be "special equipment" available. The rooms are:

  • Simsalabim at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (IBM) in Trondheim
  • Geomatics lab at the Department of Manufacturing and Construction Technology (IVB) at Gjøvik
  • (will be established later: Department of Ocean Space Operations and Building Technology (IHB) Ålesund)


Professionals attached to NTNU / BIM-lab

From IVB: Morten Eggum, Samsom Habtemicael, Erling Onstein, Lizhen Huang, Bjørn Godager. From IBM: Eilif Hjelseth.

Available project data

Smaragd building

Digital information about the Smaragd building on the NTNU / Gjøvik Campus is available. The data is provided by Statsbygg.

NTNU contact: Erling Onstein

Building data from the construction period (2016 - 2017) as IFC

The IFC data set from the construction period is available as a BIMSync project. The datasets are from the subject areas ARK (Architecture), RIB (Consulting Engineer Building) and RIV (Ventilation).

BCF reports from the construction period

These are available as PDF files.

Skjerven field - digital twin
NTNU / IVB is involved in the development of a new industrial area at Skjerven forest in the municipality of Gjøvik. Several research projects are planned related to the field and its development. The establishment of a digital twin is part of the research.

There is no data at NTNU / BIM-lab yet.

Responsible professional NTNU: Sverre Stikbakke

The E6 project / Dovrebanen
Hope we can also access data from this project so that we can make it available on our Quadri server.

Professional: Erling Onstein

Available public databases

Available public databases

BIMSync from Catenda

BIMSync is a cloud-based solution for storing IFC-based building data. It also supports support for collaborative solutions for players involved in construction projects.

Responsible professional at NTNU: Erling Onstein

Quadri from Trimble / Vianova (during establishment)

Quadri is the common database solution that makes it possible for those involved in Novapoint-based road engineering to collaborate with others in the same project.

Responsible professional at NTNU: Erling Onstein

Pointsky database from Leica (under construction)

NTNU / IVB has a state-of-the-art laser scanner. To make bullet point data from this scanner (and other scanners) more readily available, we plan to install Leica software.

Responsible professional at NTNU: Morten Eggum

PostGIS database (work in progress)

PostGIS is a relational database that supports geographic data. This is used both for storing information that is readily available and as a sharing platform for geographic data where employees or students need such service.

Responsible professional at NTNU: Sverre Stikbakke

Where is the laboratory?

Where is the laboratory?

It is planned to have a physical laboratory on campus in Autumn 2019 / Spring 2020.



Morten Eggum
Senior Engineer
Bjørn Arild Godager
PhD Candidate
Samsom Asmerom Habtemichael
Lizhen Huang
Associate professor
Erling Onstein
Associate Professor