Laboratory for Polymer composites (ASEM)

Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

Laboratory for Polymer composites (ASEM)

Production and testing of polymer composites. Focus on material properties, and advanced and sustainable plastics and composites.

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Access and opening hours

Only used by instructed personnel.

What can you do?

Students who are involved in the research group's projects use the laboratory primarily for this purpose.

Equipment and materials

o QUV Spray RP

o Test materials with simulated weather effects in the form of UV light and rain.

o Ultrasonic processor

o Ultrasonic mixer

o Thermostatic / thermal cycling bath

o Temperature controlled fluid influences on materials.

o Vacuum oven

o Demonstrate material properties in vacuum at high temperatures

o Discovery DMA 850

o Destructive pressure / tensile testing under high temperatures

o Q400EM TMA

o Demonstrate material properties when applying high temperatures

o Instron quasi-static tensile testing machine

o Destructive tensile testing

Training and security

Has completed an HSE e-learning course (Subject teacher who is responsible subject that uses lab reports students in the litter at the start of semester.

Have completed course / personal training in the use of the type (s) of machine that you are going to use. See contact info for details


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Where is the laboratory?

Where is the laboratory?



Pål Erik Endrerud
Staff Engineer
Sotirios Grammatikos


For more information, please visit our website: