Laboratory for Geomatics


Laboratory for Geomatics

Geomatics labs are for surveying, geographical information systems (GIS) and building information modeling (BIM).

We learn about and test different types of surveying equipment and software. We process the collected data on personal computers and on NTNU’s desktop computers, they visualize in both 2D and 3D (VR).

Picture of students with equipment for survey


Access and opening hours

Geomatics labs are available for geomatics students and other fields of study that have subjects related to geomatics. Lab and equipment are available 24 hours a day except during the Christmas holidays and summer holidays.

What can you do

Test instruments and software.

Equipment and materials

Surveying instruments: Leica 100M (Levelling eqipment), Leica TS16 (total station), Leica MS60 (Multi-station), Leica GS16 (GNSS), and Leica P40 (laser scanner).

Drone: Phantom 4 Pro

PCs: Alienware Aurora

Training and safety

Training with surveying instruments and software are part of the education. No separate courses have been set up.


No research is ongoing. There are some scheduled research projects for 2019/20.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Bachelor and master's students are involved in projects with advisory consultants.


An equipment agreement with Leica Geosystems provides updated equipment.

Where is the laboratory?

Where is the laboratory?



Morten Eggum
Senior Engineer