Additive Manufacturing Laboratory


We can produce components in polyamide or metal using the latest additive manufacturing technology in state of the art production facilities. Our equipment consists of Arcam A2X for metal and EOS P395 for polyamide manufacturing.

​We offer:​

  • Manufacturing of ideas, prototypes or series production.
  • Designhelp using different CAD-software
  • Guidance using/understanding additive manufacturing processes
  • Cooperation in R&D-projects

Additive Manufacturing Metal: Arcam A2X

The technology used by Arcam A2X is known as electron beam melting (EMB). This is a process witch melts the metal powder by extracting electrons from a tungsten filament, and fires this at the powder. The process chamber is preheated to approx. 700 deg.C, and vacuum pumped to 10^-6 bar. This ensures a stable process environment and products with no internal stress.

​Our Arcam A2X is mainly used with Titanium Ti6Al4V

The effective build volume of the A2X is 200x200x380 mm.

Read more about the Arcam A2X system

Additive Manufacturing Plastic: EOS P395

EOS P395 is a machine to manufacture parts in different polyamides using a laser tehnology. The build chamber is preheated to approx. 180 deg.C, using the laser to add the remaining energy for the powder to melt.

​Our P395 is mainly used with PA2200 and PA2200GF.

The effective build volume of the P395 is 300x300x580 mm.

PA2200 safety datasheet

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