Machine Workshop

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Machine Workshop

The Machine Workshop laboratory is used for teaching activities, research, and as a support function for other ongoing activities in the campus laboratories. Parts of the laboratory are equipped with simple equipment with a low user threshold and this equipment can also be used by students and employees outside normal working hours.

Picture of students in the machine lab

Access and opening hours

The normal opening hours for the laboratory are from 0800 - 1600. The laboratory will also be open in the afternoons and this activity is primarily driven by laboratory assistants.

What can you do?

At the Machine Workshop laboratory you can process several types of materials with different traditional fabrication processes such as machining, metal forming, casting, welding ++. You can also perform 3D printing using different technologies. The laboratory has access to different types of measuring equipment and 3D scanners.

Equipment and materials

The Machine Workshop  laboratory has a material warehouse. Some of the materials have been purchased for various projects, teaching etc. Other materials are free to use. We have an online store where students and employees can buy different materials at a reasonable price.

The Machine Workshop laboratory has several simple machines for sheet metal processing, two single presses. Several mini CNC machines, some industrial machines, saws, drill presses and other workshop equipment. The lab is equipped with various  power  tools  and  hand tools as well as measuring equipment.

Training and security

Everyone who will use the Machine Workshop laboratory needs to complete our HSE e-learning courses. This is organized by the various teachers. For most machines, a mini user course is needed which also includes specific safety for the machine.


Research in the Machine Workshop laboratory is largely carried out in collaboration with the other laboratories on campus and is often used as a support function.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

The laboratory can support entrepreneurial projects, master's, bachelor's, and doctoral studies projects. Close cooperation with the business communities and production companies has been established.


During the academic year, the aim is to arrange makerspace type “build nights” with different activities open for all students and employees.

Where is the laboratory?

Where is the laboratory?



Tor Erik Nicolaisen
Laboratory Manager IVB