Manufacturing engineering


Manufacturing engineering

The Department of Manufacturing and Civil engineering has a good cooperation with regional and national industrial clusters and business. The spearhead here is the Raufoss cluster (NCE Raufoss) and Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing (SRM). Cooperation with NTNU, SRM and about 15 companies at Raufoss under the auspices of the Center for Research-based Innovation "SFI Manufacturing", is a central and prioritized activity in the department.

Picture of wireless sensor technology

Main topics for research

Measuring systems

The group covers quality technology and measurement technology using coordinate measurement technology, CT scanning, machine vision technology and sensors and sensor technology. Further wireless communication of sensor signals and signal processing and sensor fusion. The group also covers tolerance synthesis and definitions, variation management, measurement of uncertainty analysis and measurement system assessment.

Decision support, analysis and learning using machine learning

The group has expertise in production system modeling and simulation, machine learning and AI technology, learning factories, optimization and computer technology applied to cyber physical production systems.

Product, process and production system development

The group covers sustainable development, universal design, product development, system technology and circular economy used for production.

Research group: Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineering

Research group: Manufacturing engineering 

Contact: Kristian Martinsen

Industry 4.0
Process monitoring, machine learning and machine vision
Sustainable manufacturing 
Manufacturing Systems modelling 
Learning factories
Additive Manufacturing
Wireless sensor systems and wireless industrial communication
Product design, quality engineering and measurement systems 



Kristian Martinsen

Norwegian Manufacturing Research Centre