Chirag Trivedi


Faculty of Engineering
+47 73593849
Vannkraftlaboratoriet, Gløshaugen, Alfred Getz vei 4

Background and activities

I am responsible for specific tasks in four research projects.

HydroFlex: The project to meet the challenge of increasing the flexibility of hydropower by performing well-focused research and innovation actions on the key bottlenecks of hydropower plants that restricts their capability to have many start-stops and high ramping rates. I am leader of workpackage-3 (Flexibility of turbines - Develop a variable speed Francis turbine that accommodates high ramping rates and 30 start-stops per day without significantly affecting the operating lifetime and efficiency) in this project.

HiFrancis: Under this project, I am responsible for numerical investigations of a high head Francis turbine. The research works includes development of efficient procedure to perform fluid-structure analysis in a hydraulic turbine. The aim is to develop a guideline for the industrial numerical simulations that includes robust verification and validation techniques as well as reduced computational cost.

FME HydroCen: This is one of a kind project in NTNU. The focus is to determine the unsteady pressure fluctuations at different locations in the turbine under variable-speed configurations. Design and development of a variable-speed Francis turbine.

Francis-99: I am the lead member of Francis-99 committee. The Francis-99 provides an open platform to the interested researchers to perform very challenging numerical simulations of hydraulic turbine. The interested research group perform numerical simulations on the provided test-case using their novel idea and the obtained results are presented in the workshop. Necessary experimental data, geometry of the test-case, and mesh are provided freely to the researchers.


Ph. D. | IIT Roorkee, India. | LTU, Sweden.

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5. EmeraldEC
6. MDPIEnergies, Fluids
7. SpringerBMSE
8. Taylor & FrancisTCFM

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Citations: Google Scholar - 655 (h-index 14), Scopus - 479 (h-index 12)
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Featured publications

Review article (2019)
Variable-speed operation of Francis turbines: A review of the perspectives and challenges
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 103, pp. 109-121.
Igor Iliev, Chirag Trivedi and Ole G. Dahlhaug

Research article (2018)
Interaction between trailing edge wake and vortex rings in a Francis turbine at runaway condition: Compressible large eddy simulation
Physics of Fluids, 30, p. 075101.
Chirag Trivedi and Ole G. Dahlhaug

Research article (2018)
Investigations of compressible turbulent flow in a high head Francis turbine
Journal of Fluids Engineering, 140, p. 011101.
Chirag Trivedi

Research article (2018)
Experimental study of a Francis turbine under variable-speed and discharge conditions
Renewable Energy, 119, pp. 447–458.
Chirag Trivedi, Einar Agnalt and Ole G. Dahlhaug

Research article (2018)
Compressible large eddy simulation of a Francis turbine during speed-no-load: Rotor stator interaction and inception of a vortical flow
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 140, p. 112601.
Chirag Trivedi

Review article (2017)
A review on fluid structure interaction in hydraulic turbines: A focus on hydrodynamic damping
Engineering Failure Analysis, 77, pp. 1-22.
Chirag Trivedi

Review article (2017)
Fluid structure interaction in hydraulic turbines: A perspective review
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 68, pp. 87-101.
Chirag Trivedi and Michel J. Cervantes

Review article (2016)
Numerical techniques applied to hydraulic turbines: A perspective review
Applied Mechanics Reviews, 68, p. 26.
Chirag Trivedi, Michel J. Cervantes and Ole G. Dahlhaug

Research article (2013)
Experimental and numerical studies for a high head Francis turbine at several operating points
Journal of Fluids Engineering, 135, p. 111102.
Chirag Trivedi, Michel J. Cervantes, Bhupendra K. Gandhi and Ole G. Dahlhaug

Review article (2013)
Effect of transients on Francis turbine runner life: A review
Journal of Hydraulic Research, 51, pp. 121–132.
Chirag Trivedi, Bhupendra K. Gandhi and Michel J. Cervantes

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