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As a postdoctoral Fellow, I am responsible for specific tasks in the research projects. Currently, I am involved in three R&D projects at NTNU.

HydroFlex: The project to meet the challenge of increasing the flexibility of hydropower by performing well-focused research and innovation actions on the key bottlenecks of hydropower plants that restricts their capability to have many start-stops and high ramping rates. I am leader of workpackage-3 (Flexibility of turbines - Develop a variable speed Francis turbine that accommodates high ramping rates and 30 start-stops per day without significantly affecting the operating lifetime and efficiency) in this project.

HiFrancis: Under this project, I am responsible for numerical investigations of a high head Francis turbine. The research works includes development of efficient procedure to perform fluid-structure analysis in a hydraulic turbine. The aim is to develop a guideline for the industrial numerical simulations that includes robust verification and validation techniques as well as reduced computational cost.

FME HydroCen: This is one of a kind project in NTNU. The focus is to determine the unsteady pressure fluctuations at different locations in the turbine under variable-speed configurations. Design and development of a variable-speed Francis turbine.

Francis-99: I am the lead member of Francis-99 committee. The Francis-99 provides an open platform to the interested researchers to perform very challenging numerical simulations of hydraulic turbine. The interested research group perform numerical simulations on the provided test-case using their novel idea and the obtained results are presented in the workshop. Necessary experimental data, geometry of the test-case, and mesh are provided freely to the researchers.

Ph. D. | Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India.

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