Background and activities

Daniel has a doctoral degree in artistc research, as well as a master’s degree in Music performance from NTNU Department of Music.

The doctoral project explored spoken language as material and starting point for making improvised music, focusing on the great variety of musical expression across speech genres, and on the link between improvised conversation and ensemble playing.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Duch, Michael Francis; Aalberg, Espen; Skaslien, Bergmund; Formo, Daniel Buner. (2021) Her er vi. Her er vi
  • Formo, Daniel Buner. (2020) The Orchestra of Speech, a performance and installation. The Orchestra of Speech
  • Formo, Daniel Buner. (2019) The Orchestra of Speech - Sound installation for New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. The Orchestra of Speech
  • Formo, Daniel Buner. (2018) Orchestra of Speech på InnerSound New Arts Festival, Bucuresti. Orchestra of Speech
  • Haugerud, Tor; Hegdal, Eirik; Bø, Else; Årskog, Stig Førde; Lie, Marianne Baudouin; Stang, Sigrid Elisabeth; Duch, Michael Francis; Melhus, Ole Jørgen; Sjelmo, Vigdis; Skaslien, Bergmund; Burt, Matt; Lorentzen, Truls; Formo, Daniel Buner. (2018) Releasekonsert Arrival Hall, Alpaca Ensemble/Dog & Sky. Arrival Hall
  • Formo, Daniel Buner. (2017) The Orchestra of Speech - Final presentation of Artistic Results. null
  • Åse, Tone; Formo, Daniel Buner; Lie, Marianne Baudouin. (2017) Forskningskosert Dokkhuset. null
  • Engum, Trond; Åse, Tone; Hoemsnes, Rune; Formo, Daniel Buner. (2016) Konsert med The Soundbyte Festival Internacional Chihuahua 2016 (Mexico). The Soundbyte at FICH 2016
  • Formo, Daniel Buner. (2016) Konsert med Orchestra of Speech på Harpefoss poesifestival 2016. Orchestra of Speech #1
  • Formo, Daniel Buner. (2016) Konsert og seminar: Speech Music Symposium. Orchestra of Speech #2


  • Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Formo, Daniel Buner. (2020) Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Live Interfaces. 2020. ISBN 0026639041.


  • Formo, Daniel Buner. (2018) The Music of Language and Language of Music. 2018.