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  • Pawel, Daniela. (2014) The altarpiece from Vardø church, Finnmark: technological and art historical context. Paint and Piety: Collected Essays on Medieval Painting and Polychrome Sculpture.
  • Pawel, Daniela. (2013) Den gotiske madonnaskulpturen fra Mære kirke. Maria frå Mære - Madonna og mellomalder i Mære kyrkje.
  • Pawel, Daniela. (2011) Late medieval sculpture conservation at the NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archaeology in Trondheim, Norway. Sounds of Baroque.
  • Pawel, Daniela; Gebremariam, Kidane Fanta. (2011) A multidisciplinary approach to conservation of Rock Art in Honnhammer, Norway. ICOM CC 16th Treiennial Conference Lisbon 19-23 September 2011, Preprints.
  • Pawel, Daniela. (2006) A Saint in Anglo-Norwegian Early Gothic Style. IIC The object in context - Crossing Conservation Boundaries - Constribution to the Munich Congress 28.08. - 01.09.2006.