Background and activities

Originally from Wales in the United Kingdom, Dave is has a PhD in Sustainable Facilities Management from the Centre for Real Estate and Facilities Management in the Department of Architecture and Planning.

In 2019 Dave was awarded the European Facilities Management Network (EuroFM) ‘European Researcher of the Year’ for his contributions to the advancement of "knowledge in FM and promote its effective application in practice and education".

Dave also has a Bachelor in Politics and Modern History from Cardiff University completed in 2007, as well as a Master in Globalisation, Global Politics and Culture from NTNU completed in 2014. He also worked for SINTEF Technology and Society during the last year of his Master.
 Prior to his move to Norway, Dave worked for nearly 5 years for a British Member of Parliament.

He is researching how users and communities can better engage themselves in Smart Cities projects as more formal intermediaries and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow on the Nordforsk project 'Citizens as the Pilots of Smart Cities' (CaPs).

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Collins, David. (2018) Green Leases and Green Leasing: A Terminological Overview of Academia and Practice. EuroFM. 2018. ISBN 978-94-90694-09-8.

Part of book/report

  • Collins, Dave; Senior, Coline; Jowkar, Mina; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Johansen, Agnar. (2022) FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY: THE CITIZEN CENTERED JOURNEY TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE SMART CITIES IN THE NORWEGIAN CONTEXT. Cities in a Changing World: Questions of Culture, Climate and Design Online AMPS PROCEEDINGS SERIES 24.2.
  • Collins, Dave. (2021) A Case of Principle: The Commonalities Between Green Leasing and Urban FM from the perspective of Practice. 6th Conference of Interdisciplinary Research on Real Estate.
  • Collins, Dave; Johansen, Agnar; Kalsaas, Bo Terje; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Hamdy, Mohamed. (2021) Brought by Degrees: A Focus on the Current Indicators of Lean ‘Smartness’ in Smart Cities. Lean Construction in Crisis Times: Responding to the Post Pandemic AEC Industry Challenges.
  • Collins, Dave; Senior, Coline; Temeljotov Salaj, Alenka; Kuijlenburg, Rachel; Le Roux, Peter C.. (2021) Back to School - the Impact of Short Timeframe Student Case Studies on Projects and Educational Programs in the Context of Urban FM. The 20th EuroFM Research Symposium 16-17 June 2021.
  • Collins, David. (2019) Opportunity Knocks: Green Leases and Green Leasing in Sustainable Office Buildings. Research Papers for the 18th EuroFM Research Symposium EFMC2019 12-15 June 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Collins, David; Haugen, Tore; Aamodt, Christian. (2017) BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN SUSTAINABLE FM AND SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS An exploratory study of six public buildings in Norway. International Research Conference 2017: Shaping tomorrow's built Environment.
  • Collins, David; Junghans, Antje; Haugen, Tore. (2016) Green and Sustainable – How are These Terms Reflected in the Context of Facilities Management?. Proceedings of CFM’s second nordic conference: Facilities Management Research and Practice. Does FM contribute to happiness in the Nordic Countries.
  • Collins, David; Junghans, Antje. (2015) The Users Impact on Buildings’ Sustainability – A Qualitative Approach. People make facilities management - Proceedings of the European Facility Management Conference EFMC 2015.


  • Collins, David; Haugen, Tore; Lindkvist, Carmel Margaret; Junghans, Antje. (2019) Green Leasing A Study of the Barriers and Drivers for Green Leased Offices in Norway. 2019. ISBN 978 82 326 3899 4.