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I received my PhD in English at Tufts University and have been working as Assoc. Professor of English at NTNU (ILU) since August 2010 where I teach literature in the Faculty of Education’s English Section. My dissertation, “Shakespeare and Cavendish: Engendering the Early Modern English Utopia” explored the development of utopianism and utopic themes through the early modern in the works of William Shakespeare and Margaret Cavendish. I have varied research interests but generally consider aspects of gender in utopia from its earliest expressions in early modern literature to its contemporary incarnations in science fiction and fantasy, particularly in graphic novels and film. I am currently working on several articles on Cavendish and Shakespeare.

My article "The Alternating Utopic Revisions of The Tempest on Film” has just appeared in Shakespeare on Screen: The Tempest and Late Romances, Cambridge University Press, June 2017

My recent article, “The Shadow’s Shadow, or Gendered Ambition in Svend Gade and Asta Nielsen’s 1921 Hamlet.” was awarded the Mariangela Tempera Award for Shakespeare on Screen by the European Shakespeare Research Association in 2018 and will be appearing in the journal Cahiers Élisabéthains in April 2019

I am an active member of the International Margaret Cavendish Society, and founding secretary of NorSS, the Nordic Shakespeare Society, and a member of ESRA, The European Shakespeare Research Association



Current Teaching and Supervision

LGU13005 English 2 (Literature and Culture)

LGU53003 English 2 (Literature and Culture)

LVU8081/8082 English 2 (Literature and Culture)

EDU3083 Text and Culture

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  • Brataas, Delilah Bermudez. (2017) The Alternating Utopic Revisions of The Tempest on Film. Shakespeare on Screen: The Tempest and the Late Romances.
  • Brataas, Delilah Bermudez. (2014) A Utopia of Words: Doctor Who, Shakespeare, and the Gendering of Utopia. The Language of Doctor Who: From Shakespeare to Alien Tongues.