Background and activities

Architect NTH, 1984. Dr. ing., 1996. Research field: Sustainable housing and the interplay between housing architecture, values and use.

Eli Støa has been a professor in Housing at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts since 2006. She was educated as an architect from NTH in 1984 and received her degree the same place in 1996 with the thesis “Dwellings and Culture. Norwegian one-family housing areas from the 1980s viewed in the light of the inhabitants’ notions of the ideal home”. The following 10 years she worked as a researcher at SINTEF and was involved in projects related to housing qualities and –ideals for various residential groups and social, cultural and architectural conditions for sustainable housing development.

Eli teaches housing design both on bachelor and master level. She is also supervisor for PhD candidates and was until January 2020 head of the faculty’s PhD board. She is cuurently project leader of BOPILOT, an innovation project in public sector financed by the Norwegian Research Council (2018-2022). See:

Recently she has led interdisciplinary research projects on he effect of the physical environment on quality of life and integration of asylum seekers and refugees (2012-2017) and on the planning process of a carbon neutral neighbourhood at Brøset in Trondheim (2009-2014). She spent the academic year 2010/2011 as a visiting researcher at the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Westminster in London, and 2015/2016 as a guest professor at KULeuven in Belgium, Faculty of Architecture / Sint Lucas in Brussels.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

  • Schwai, Markus; Støa, Eli. (2021) Architectural Research Between Arts, Technology, and Practice. A Position Paper Sketch on Practice-based/ Design-driven Research at the NTNU. COMPARISON Conference for Artistic and Architectural Research. Book of Proceedings - MILANO.
  • Støa, Eli; Grønseth, Anne Sigfrid Farstad. (2021) ‘After Belonging’: A study of proposals for architectural interventions for arrival of refugees in Oslo, Norway. Architectural Anthropology: Exploring Lived Space.
  • Grønseth, Anne Sigfrid Farstad; Støa, Eli. (2020) Anthropology and Architecture: Motives and Ethics in Creating Knowledge. Collaborations - Anthropology in a Neoliberal Age.