Background and activities

I work as a resarcher at the MEATigation project, led by Dr. Sophia Efstathiou at the Department of Philosophy and Religous Studies. MEATigation: Towards sustainable meat-use in Norwegian food practices for climate mitigation is a research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council KLIMAFORSK programme (2020-2024). We consider meat as culture and explore how meat is founded in social practices that weave together meanings, identities and values; competences, skills and professions; materials, animals and landscapes that all go into making meat. My part in the project is to map and analyse intersecting indigenous and gender perspectives within existing meat cultures in Norway.

Previous work

I am working as a postdoctoral researcher in connection with the project Norway as a sea nation, led by professor Anne Trine Kjørholt. My project, 'Narratives of integration and belonging in coastal communities' explore knowledge and work as markers of identity and belonging at specific coastal sites in northern Norway. I'm particularly interested in looking at knowledge and belonging in areas in Northern Norway where there has been a mixed population of Sámi, Kven and Norwegian. My goal is to explore integration, multiculturalism and belonging, and look at how the understandings of these phenomena historically can shed light also on contemporary migration and belonging in coastal communities. 

I completed my doctoral thesis called Au pairing in Norway. The production of a (non-) worker in 2015, at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture at the Centre for Gender Studies, NTNU. For the past few years I've worked at KUN, a Norwegian NGO doing equality- and anti-discrimination work. I've focussed in particular on issues concerning hate speech and discriminationviolence against womensexuality education, and lgbti-issues (working on three different projects that focus on queer migrantsunaccompanied minor asylum seekers, and lgbti-youth in rural and Sámi areas). 


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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