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Professor with primary field of interest is systems development when considering the challenges from integration, change and standardization. Particularly interested in the interplay between 'technical' and non-technical design decisions. I'm particularly concerned with problems related to the design of information infrastructure. Empirically, my work has focused on the health care sector (Norway and developing countries) and the oil and gas sector.

I’m adjuct professor at Univ. of Oslo, Dept. of Informatics, Group on Global Infrastructures.

I’m on the Editorial board/AE of Information and Organization, The Information Society (TIS), IT for development (ITD), Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (SJIS) and the International Journal of Standards & Standardization research.

I was previously Senior Editor at  Information Systems Research (ISR) and Editor-in-chief of the SJIS (2001-2005).

My CV.


  • Project leader for Digital oil (Doil ) addressing the exploitation of vast amount of sensor based information in the oil and gas industry. Partners are Univ. of Oslo and Studio Apertura. The project is funded (2012-2015) by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR).
  • I’m in the project group of Agile 2.0 on the “scaling” agile methods, KMB within NFR BIA (2014 – 2018) with Sintef as PI.

  • Responsible for the PhD involvement of IDI in the Centre for Integrated Operations (IO centre) within oil and gas.
  • Project partner in Global health eInfrastructues (GHeI) addressing the integration of health information systems in developing countries, together with Univ. of Oslo. The project is funded (2009-2012) by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR).
  • Pnvolved with the FIPP project addressing flexible integration of processes in the public sector, together with the Univ. of Oslo Dept. of Informatics and Technology, innovation and Culture (TIK). The project is funded (2006 – 2009) by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR).
  • Part of the management group of the project ‘Regional communication within and across health organisations’ with the U. of Tromsø. The project is funded (2006 – 2009) by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR).
  • Pnvolved with the HISP project dealing with health information systems in deprived areas in the South, especially Southern and Eastern Africa and South Asia. The project is headed by the Univ. of Oslo.
  • Involved in the ‘Integrated health information system for vaccination in developing countries’ headed by the U. of Oslo. The project is funded (2007 – 2012) by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR).

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