Background and activities

Research areas* Industrial Heat Transfer, i.e. 


- Heat transfer by convection, conduction and radiation,

- Heat and mass transfer in boiling and condensation,

- Development of heat transfer components, e.g. heat exchangers, thermosyphons, high temperature cooling systems,

- Gas/particle flow with focus on fouling in heat exchangers,

- Hydrogen storage (adsorption/absorption)

 Courses lectured:

TEP 07 - Industrial Heat Engineering (graduate)

TEP 4130 - Heat and Mass Transfer (undergraduate)

EP 8200 - Convective Heat and Mass Transfer (ph.d.)

EP 8201 - Heat Transfer by Conduction and Radiation (ph.d.)

EP 8111 - Heat Exchanger Modeling (ph.d.)

EP 8202 - Advanced Industrial Heat Engineering (ph.d.)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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