Background and activities

Advisor at Equinor Research Centre and professor at NTNU in natural gas processing. Scientific focus areas are oil and gas processing and flow assurance

The scientific work focuses on developing knowledge and technnology related to processing of reservoir fluids into products such as sales gas, liquefied- and petroleum gas (LNG/LPG), condensate and oil. See EPT Gas processing Web pages for further information,

Ongoing research and student projects:
- Gas Processing (CO2/H2S removal, dehydration, dew point control)
- Subsea processing (development of new processes)
- Thermodynamics of oil and gas 
- Flow assurance (wax control, hydrate control, scale)

List of Publications

Active involvement in developing simulation software for oil and gas processing (NeqSim). The simulation tool is developed in Java, with toolboxes in Matlab and Python. Students with interest for programming and process simulation is encouraged to take part in the development. The NeqSim source code is available from GitHub. Companies that are interested in scientific work (master/PhD) related to thermodynamics, process simulation, programming, machine learning can be involved by suggesting future focus and development.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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