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  • Ingimarsdóttir, Aldís; Jónsson, Andrés; Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun; Sigursteinsson, Haraldur; Ingólfsdóttir, Magnea Huld; Erlingsson, Sigurður; Sævarsdóttir, Þorbjörg; Gunnarsson, Þorri Björn. (2016) Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting. 2016. ISBN 978-9935-24-002-6.

Part of book/report

  • Hiriyanna Rao Ravindra, Ganesh; Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun; Lia, Leif. (2018) EVALUATION OF DESIGN CRITERIA FOR DOWNSTREAM RIPRAP OF ROCKFILL DAMS. Proceedings of the 26th International Congress of the International Commission of Large Dams (ICOLD), Q.101, R.72, Vienna, Austria, 1-7 July 2018.
  • Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun; Snæbjörnsson, Jonas Thor. (2018) Systematic Methodology for Planning and Evaluation of a Multi-source Geohazard Monitoring System. Application of a Reusable Template. Proceedings of the International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics.
  • Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun. (2016) Hydropower Dams in the Land of Ice and Fire. Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting.
  • Snæbjörnsson, Jonas Thor; Rahpeyma, S; Halldórsson, B; Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun. (2016) Effects of soil structure interaction on the excitation and response of RC buildings subjected to strong motion. Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting.


  • Høydal, Øyvind Armand; Hiriyanna Rao Ravindra, Ganesh; Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun. (2018) Stability of Rockfill Dams FLOW THROUGH ROCKFILL. 2018.
  • Instanes, Arne; Rognved, Johanna L.; Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun; Bruland, Oddbjørn. (2018) Gjennomgang av brudd på fangdam i Munkebotn. 2018.
  • Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun. (2017) Landslides into Reservoirs. Overtopping of Embankment Dams. Progress report. 2017. ISBN 978-82-7598-107-1.
  • Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun. (2017) Results from the monitoring of geohazards in the Hálslón Reservoir area. 2017.
  • Sigtryggsdottir, Fjola Gudrun. (2015) Monitoring of structural health and danger state for safety and sustainability of infrastructure systems. 2015. ISBN 978-82-326-0940-6. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU (142).