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Journal publications


  • Antonsen, Stian; Heldal, Frode; Kvalheim, Sverre Andreas. (2017) Sikkerhet og ledelse. Gyldendal Akademisk. 2017. ISBN 9788205496774.

Part of book/report

  • Sacramento, Isabella; Heldal, Frode; de Almeida, Ricardo Cariello. (2019) Using Body Sounds as a Coaching Tool to Promote Individual Growth in Brazil. Sensuous Learning for Practical Judgment in Professional Practice.
  • Scaratti, Giuseppe; Gorli, Mara; Heldal, Frode. (2019) Using Narratives and Portraits to Foster Reflexivity and Learning from Experience in Healthcare Organizations in Italy and Norway. Sensuous Learning for Practical Judgment in Professional Practice: Volume 2: Arts-based Interventions.
  • Heldal, Frode; Sacramento, Isabella; Wennes, Grete. (2018) Learning Entrepreneurship by Hand Clapping: ABM in Use in Entrepreneurship Education. Arts-Based Methods and Organizational Learning.
  • Heldal, Frode; Antonsen, Stian; Kvalheim, Sverre Andreas. (2017) Ledelse av sikkerhet. Sikkerhet og ledelse.
  • Heldal, Frode; Dehlin, Erlend. (2017) Drop your rules!. Sikkerhet og ledelse.