Background and activities

Maj/Dr. Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn is an officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces at the Norwegian Defence Cyber Academy (NDCA) and an associate professor at Center for Cyber and Information Security (CCIS) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He is currently head of the NTNU Malware Lab and the research group for cyber defence at CCIS. Geir Olav holds a PhD in information security from Gjøvik University College (HiG) and a MSc in computer science from the NTNU. His career includes more than 25 years in the Norwegian Armed Forces, where he holds the rank of Major. His career has focused on operation, maintenance and security in tactical communication systems and the last 15 years on defensive cyber operations, computer network defense and operational security. His research interest include cyber defense, reverse engineering and malware analysis, side-channel attacks and machine learning.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Shalaginov, Andrii; Dyrkolbotn, Geir Olav; Alazab, Mamoun. (2021) Review of the Malware Categorization in the Era of Changing Cybethreats Landscape: Common Approaches, Challenges and Future Needs. Malware Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
  • Øyvind, Jensen; Shalaginov, Andrii; Dyrkolbotn, Geir Olav. (2020) Study of Blacklisted Malicious Domains from a Microsoft Windows End-user Perspective: Is It Safe Behind the Wall?. NIKT: Norsk IKT-konferanse for forskning og utdanning 2020.
  • Dyrkolbotn, Geir Olav. (2010) Non-Invasive Reverse Engineering of the Relative Position of Bus Wires. Norwegian Information Security Conference = Norsk Informasjonssikkerhetskonferanse : NISK 2010 . Gjøvik University College, Gjøvik, 23-24 November 2010.
  • Dyrkolbotn, Geir Olav; Snekkenes, Einar. (2009) Electromagnetic Side Channel: A Comparison of Multi-Class Feature Selection Methods. SPPRA 2009, Proceeding of Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications.
  • Dyrkolbotn, Geir Olav; Snekkenes, Einar. (2009) Modified Template Attack: Detecting Address Bus Signals of Equal Hamming Weight. Norsk informasjonssikkerhetskonferanse : NISK 2:2009 : NTNU, Trondheim 24.-25. november 2009.
  • Dyrkolbotn, Geir Olav. (2007) Analysis of the Wireless Covert Channel Attack Carrier Frequency Selection. Norsk informatikkonferanse 2007.
  • Dyrkolbotn, Geir Olav; Snekkenes, Einar. (2006) A wireless covert channel on smart cards. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.