Background and activities

I am a Full professor in Applied Linguistics and Professional Discourse Studies, with a specialization in Health Communication. My main research areas are discourse analysis in institutional and professional domains. Based on my work on Professional Discourse Studies in various healthcare and medical settings I have engaged with how concepts like co-construction, communicative activity type, discursive power, and interactional management can be employed to understand patient participation and have practical implications for user involvement.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Thomassen, Gøril; Sarangi, Srikant Kumar; Skolbekken, John-Arne. (2016) Negotiating parental/familial responsibility in genetic counselling. Discourse and Responsibility in Professional Settings.
  • Borthen, Kaja; Thomassen, Gøril. (2014) Referential and functional aspects of the Norwegian first person plural 'vi'. Constructing collectivity. 'We' across languages and contexts.
  • Thomassen, Gøril; Bjørnevoll, Inga. (2012) Risikovurdering i genetisk veiledning. Helsesosiologi: Analyser av helse, sykdom og behandling.
  • Thomassen, Gøril. (2003) Det kommunikative samspillet mellom pasient og helsepersonell. Kvalitet i samspill : innføring i kommunikasjon og kulturell forståelse for helsepersjonell / red. av Hildfrid Vikelsmo Brataas og Tove Steen-Olsen.