Background and activities

My research interests are focused on public health and health promotion, with a particular focus on social justice, social inclusion, and sustainable societal development. I am particularly interested in co-creation and relational welfare as approaches to local public health work, and how the settings of everyday life meeting places in the community can influence the development of health and well-being. My main position is in Levanger municipality, where I work as a public health coordinator. I am currently a PhD student in sociology at Nord university (public sector PhD). My PhD project is an action research project called "It takes a village: social inclusion among families with children in kindergarten".

I am deputy of the research group Relational Welfare:

The purpose of the research group is to help residents live good and dignified lives in strong communities, across generations and social backgrounds. Through innovation and research, citizens, local governments, academia, NGO's, private sector and other relevant stakeholders will work together to develop new and more sustainable welfare solutions.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Heimburg, Dina Von; Ness, Ottar; Storch, Jacob. (2021) Co-creation of Public Values: Citizenship, Social Justice and Well-being. Processual Perspectives on the Co-Production Turn in Public Sector Organizations.
  • Ness, Ottar; Oute, Jeppe; Davidson, Larry; Heimburg, Dina Von. (2021) Recovery-kapital og kapabiliteter. Recovery-orienterede praksisser – i velfærdsinstitutioner og civilsamfund.
  • Heimburg, Dina Von; Ness, Ottar. (2020) Forord: Perspektiver på livsmestring i skolen. Perspektiver på livsmestring i skolen.
  • Ness, Ottar; Heimburg, Dina Von. (2020) Collaborative Action Research: Co-constructing Social Change for the Common Good. The SAGE Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice.