Background and activities


Culture, English 1-7, 5-10, 8-13

Assessment of teaching practice students


Indigenous peoples, both in Norway and internationally

Intercultural competence



Member of the Decolonial Research Group

Leader of research group: Indigenous Topics in Education



Presentation at Colonial Entanglements: Institutions, Memory, Resistance (12-13 September 2018) - “Approaches to teaching about Indigenous peoples in Norwegian secondary schools”


Presentation at Practical Pedagogies, Cologne, Germany (1-2 November 2018) – “Indigenous Knowledge in the Classroom)


Submitted chapter to upcoming book International Perspectives on Interculturality in English Language Teaching (due 2019/2020) - “Promoting intercultural understanding in textbooks – which lessons can be learnt from representations in EFL textbooks in Norwegian schools?”


Lecture 2 year GLU, NTNU as part of Multicultural Week (18 March 2019) – “What do we teach about Indigenous people? How should we teach about them?”


Presented at DENOR workshop – Decolonial perspectives on education (4-5 April 2019) – “How should textbook used in English teaching in Norwegian schools teach pupils about Indigenous people’s history and culture?”