Indigenous topics in education

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Indigenous topics in education

This research group looks at Indigenous topics (such as cultures, languages, literatures, histories, politics, societies) in education, and how Indigenous topics are taught by teachers to pupils, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It looks at what the curriculum requires of teachers, and how this is interpreted in teaching materials and in the classroom. Furthermore, this research group aims to impart new ideas and materials to teachers, both practicing teachers and those in teacher training programmes.

Members of this research group are currently from a wide variety of sections at ILU (English, Pedagogy, and Norwegian), alongside members working within teacher education in other institutions in Norway and Finland. If you are interested in more information about this group, please email the leader, Helen Margaret Murray.

Group activities

  • Organizing seminars online and on campus each term for students and employees at institutions represented in the research group on diverse Indigenous topics in education.
  • Creation and development of open module “Sami Topics in School”, 7.5 student points, starting autumn 2021.
  • Arranging weekend course and follow-up practice sessions in the local Sami language, Åarjelsaemien, at ILU. Encouraging awareness of and use of the Sámi languages at institutions represented in the group.
  • Encouraging and supporting FOU and Masters students working with Indigenous topics in their theses.
  • Developing networks and working with other academic institutions in Norway and internationally through applications for funding, guest lectures and arranging seminars.
  • Cooperation with other research groups at ILU.
  • Guest presentations at courses and in other educational settings for teachers and students.
  • Development and dissemination of teaching materials and approaches to teaching through newspapers, magazines, journals and in online forums.
  • Writing and publication of articles (see selected publications below).
  • Taking part in conferences and organizing panels on Indigenous topics in education within Norway and internationally.

Selected publications by group members

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External members of research group

External members of research group