Indigenous topics in education

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Indigenous topics in education

This research group looks at Indigenous topics (such as culture, literature, film, history, politics, society) in education, and how Indigenous topics are taught by teachers to pupils, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It looks at what the curriculum requires of teachers, and how this is interpreted by teaching materials and in the classroom. Furthermore, this research group aims to impart new ideas and materials to teachers, both practicing teachers and those in teacher training programmes.

Indigenous topics play a central role in Norwegian school curricula, across the subjects. Pupils in Norwegian schools, no matter where they live Norway, are required to learn about Indigenous peoples as part of their schooling, especially about the Sami. Teachers are required to teach about topics of which they themselves may have little or no experience. 

Members of this research group are currently from a wide variety of sections at ILU (English, Pedagogy, and Norwegian), and the Department of Music at NTNU, together with other institutions in Norway. If you are interested in joining this group, please email the leader, Helen Margaret Murray ( for more information.

Current and future activities:

  • Development and dissemination of teaching materials online. 
  • Workshops for teachers in teaching about indigenous peoples in the new curriculum (Autumn 2019). Developing online coursing for teachers in teaching about indigenous peoples.
  • Working with other academic institutions in Norway and internationally on indigenous topics in the classroom.
  • Mapping and working within teaching training to create courses on indigenous peoples for students taking part in teacher training programmes.
  • Finding out how teachers implement the new curriculum and the impact of workshops on their teaching.
  • Writing and publication of articles on teaching about indigenous peoples.
  • Taking part in conferences and organizing panels on indigenous topics in education.

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