Background and activities


- Interview in TU magazine.
- Interview in Geographical: Engineering the climate: the controversial science that could cool our atmosphere.
- We have a new project on Ocean-based negative emissions technology.
- Vacancy: PhD Candidate: Biofuels in deep sea shipping for climate change mitigation [Closed].
- Our call for LCA data within the transport sector for IPCC AR6 launched:



Professional background and Education


  • D.Phil. University of Oxford, Atmospheric Oceanic and Planetary Physics, 2009. Linacre College, UK.
    Thesis: Evaluating forcings in an ensemble of paleo-climate models. Supervisors: Profs. Myles Allen, Gideon Henderson and Paul Valdes.
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Meteorology, University of Reading, UK, 2003.


Currently working on climate and environmental aspects related to the Paris Agreement; including options for emissions reductions in the shipping sector, negative emissions technologies and solar geoengineering.
Contributing author on the IPCC AR6, WGI and WGIII.

  • Researcher at IndEcol, NTNU, SFI Smart Maritime, 2017 - .
  • Researcher, University of Oslo, Department of Geosciences, Section for Meteorology and Oceangraphy, Norway, 2011 - 2017.
  • Post-doctoral research associate, Université catholique de Louvain, Centre de recherche sur la Terre et le climat Georges Lemaître, Belgium, 2009 - 2011. With Prof. André Berger on ERC Advanced Grant EMIS; climate of the interglacials of the last one million years.
  • Researcher, Vestas Wind Systems, Denmark, 2003 - 2005.
  • Meteorologist and forecaster, Weather Services International, UK, 2003.
  • Meteorologist and weather forecaster, WeatherOnline, UK, 2002 - 2003.


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