Background and activities

I teach and supervise students in urban geography and landscape studies. My research engages with people-place and people-nature relationships, by empirically exploring various urban neighbourhoods and environments. Much of my research has focused on the Norwegian housing estate as a particular place and planning problem. In my PhD, published as a monograph in 2015, I analysed the gap between the expert’s ideas about what the Norwegian housing estate offers as landscape and home, and the estate as lived by its residents. More recently, I have taken an interest in the role of citizen participation and urban communities in relation to discursive ideas within urban planning and governance, such as area-based approaches to neighbourhood upgrading or ‘smart’ urban development. Current research explores social cohesion as an idea and policy agenda, and the resulting attention being paid to local communities as arenas for inclusion, co-production and participation.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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