Background and activities


I am the Principal Investigator of the research project ("Toppforsk") Waves and Nonlinear Phenomena (WaNP). I am the Secretary General of the International Mathematical Union (IMU). On the occasion of my 60th anniversary in 2016 the conference Non-linear PDEs, mathematical physics, and stochastic analysis was hosted here at NTNU. See proceedings Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, and Stochastic Analysis, European Mathematical Society Publishing House.  

Research areas:

Differential equations, mathematical physics; in particular hyperbolic conservation laws and completely integrable systems. Stochastic analysis and flow in porous media.


Spring 2020:  MA8105 Nonlinear PDEs and Sobolov Spaces

Fall 2021:  TMA4305 Partial Differential Equations

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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