Background and activities

PhD from the University of Bergen in 2012. 

Research interests:

Sleep, circadian rhythm and technology.

Shift work, health and individual differences in different populations, including nurses, musicians, offshore workers, police employees, students, young adults, youth and elderly.

Work and stress and how to adapt to and tolerate physically and mentaly challenging jobs.

Innovative research and education and popular scientific communication.

Project manager for the following research projects:

ResearchMe: Exploring the role of circadian rhythm and temporal diversity in affect and cognition using a novel research approach (ResearchMe)

SAPPH (Sleep, activity, psychosocial work environment and health of police employees): Longitudinal study coordinated by PhD student Torhild Anita Sørengaard.

SLEEPIC (Sleep, individual differences and cognitive functioning). Partial sleep deprivation study following 59 participants with actigraphy and cognitive testing for 10 days.

Shift work tolerance and individual differences. Longitudinal study of shift work, health and individual differences among night workers.

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