Background and activities

Main research areas are surrogacy; economy and body; gender; sexuality; qualitative methods; feminist theory; economic sociology; sociology of the family

In my Ph.D. project, I focus on Norwegians who travel abroad to get the wished-for child by seeking assistance from a surrogate, and the way they relate to ideas of consumer choice and responsibility in an economic market like the surrogacy market. My main interest concerns the motivations for choosing surrogacy as a method for reproduction, as well as the reflections leading to and following from this choice. 


The project aims to combine an economic sociological perspective and feminist theory in order to conceptualize and conduct an empirical study of surrogacy. Approaching surrogacy as an economic practice, I seek to grasp how this economic practice is culturally and structurally embedded, related to inter alia ideas of body, gender, family, reproduction, as well as the relation between body and economy. The focus is thus on how economic practice is negotiated in relation to cultural, social and ethical considerations.

The project combines in-depth interviews with analysis of the political and juridical frame, as well as the market as a frame for action. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

  • Stuvøy, Ingvill. (2016) Surrogati: Reproduksjon i globalt farvann. Reproduksjon, kjønn og likestilling i dagens Norge.