Background and activities

I am Associate Professor in Cultural Heritage Management. My research interests lie in the intersection of museology, cultural heritage and memory studies, history didactics and digital heritage, I am especially interested in combining research with practice in the heritage field. Since 2019 I act as special adviser for community dialogue at Stiklestad National Culture Centre (SNK).

Completed projects: 

In remote areas of Europe, local history museums struggle to connect with the rapidly changing and increasingly diverse communities around them.

In my doctoral thesis I ask how these museums can recast themselves to strengthen the links to their communities. Combining theoretical deliberations, empirical investigations of the case of two Norwegian islands and a museum experiment, the thesis offers starting points for rethinking the local history museum, while at the same time providing suggestions for locally adapted museum practice.

Ongoing research:

MeMin - Mediating Memorial Landscapes.

The MeMin project addresses a challenge that digitalisation poses for cultural dissemination and cultural policy: Access to advanced digital technology opens up endless possibilities, but we lack knowledge about how technology changes the media and the cultural practices which they are part of.

MeMin is funded by the Arts Council Norway, the Falstad Centre and the Faculty of Humanities at NTNU.

On 3 February 2021, project leader Ingvild Hagen Kjørholt gave a presentation at the international webinar «The Digitalisation of Memory», organized by the Falstad Centre in cooperation with POLIN Museum, Warsaw. Recordings from the webinar are available on Youtube (the presentation of the MeMin project starts at 1:22:35).


NORD2312 - Litterære kulturmøter og kulturell identitet: Norsk som andrespråk (course coordinator)

KULMI1000 Introduksjon til kulturvern (course coordinator)

KULMI2300 Introduction to museology (course coordinator)

KULMI2400 Period of Practical Training and Project Work in Cultural Heritage (course coordinator)

KULMI2710 Local History

KULMI3210 Museology

KULMI3215 Museology and Heritage Learning (course coordinator)

KULMI3090 Master's Thesis in Cultural Heritage Management

ARK3250 Museology

I supervise bachelor and master theses.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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