Background and activities

I am a postdoctoral fellow and trained micro-phenomenologist at the Department for Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture with the project "A Pedagogy of Unlearning: Feminist Pedagogy in Gender Studies Education." In addition, I am also associated with the following projects: 

Pilot study on a micro-phenomenological approach to inclusion/exclusion

GenderHub (Project Leader)

Norway-Japan: Bridging Research and Education in Gender Equality and Diversity (Project Coordinator)

DIKU: Teaching Gender Equality & Diversity in Norway and Japan (Project Coordinator)

Academic interests:

Feminist pedagogy & feminist theory

Transformative learning

Micro-phenomenology and its uses in pedagogy

Postdoctoral project description:

"A Pedagogy of Unlearning: Feminist Pedagogy in Gender Studies Education" investigates the ways in which feminist pedagogy—an overall philosophy of and approach to classroom-based teaching, grounded in feminist theory and in the principles of feminism—can be used to explore, develop and critically reflect on teaching in higher education. It contributes to a theoretical conversation on feminist pedagogy in the twenty-first century, generating empirical evidence that will establish this field as a more prominent area of research in Gender Studies. Several questions are raised: Why is there a lack of empirical study on the effects of feminist pedagogy on student learning? And on the perspectives of students in gender studies? How might we use this data to reflect on the pedagogic distinctiveness of gender studies, on our classroom teaching and on the texts we use?


2018 Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU (fixed-term position)

2012–2015 Assistant Professor of Humanities / Antioch College (Yellow Springs, OH, USA)

2008–2012 Assistant Director of French Individualized Instruction Program / Graduate Teaching Associate / The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH, USA)

2012 Ph.D. French Cultural Studies / Dissertation: Paris, Female Stardom, and 1930s French Cinema / The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH, USA)

2007 M.A. French Cultural Studies / The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH, USA)

2005 Two-year program Cultures of North Africa / Institut national des langues et cultures orientales (INALCO) (Paris, France)

2003 M.A. Information Science / Ecole nationale supérieure des sciences de l’information et des bibliothèques (ENSSIB) (Lyon, France)

Academic work:

Journal articles

Branlat, J. & Øygardslia, K. Promoting gender equality from within: Women in STEM at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Nara Women's University Journal for Gender and Women's Culture in Asia.

“Female Flânerie and Coming of Age: Henri Decoin’s Abus de confiance (1937)” in Studies in French Cinema15.2 (2015).

Book reviews

Conway, Kelley, “Agnès Varda” in Contemporary French Civilization (forthcoming winter 2017).

Ed. Frodon, Jean-Michel and Dina Iordanova, “Cinemas of Paris” in Contemporary French Civilization (summer 2017). 

Flinn, Margaret, “The Social Architecture of French Cinema: 1929–1939” in Contemporary French Civilization 41.1 (winter 2016). 

Frey, Hugo, “Nationalism and the Cinema in France: Political Mythologies and Film Events1945-1995” in Contemporary French Civilization 41.1 (winter 2016). 

Brett Bowles, “Marcel Pagnol” in Contemporary French Civilization 39.2 (summer 2014). 


Damisch, Hubert. “Yellow Cadmium Window: The Hidden Side of Painting.” Forthcoming: Journal of Contemporary Painting 

Nancy, Jean-Luc. “Letter to Simon Hantaï.” Journal of Contemporary Painting Summer 1.2. 

Nancy, Jean-Luc. ‘Never the word “creator”...’: A Proposal for Entering Into the Work and Thoughts of Simon Hantaï. Journal of Contemporary Painting Summer 1.2. 

Rouan, François. “Questions for Simon Hantaï”. Journal of Contemporary Painting Summer 1.2.

Damisch, Hubert. “An Encounter in Shot/Reverse-Shot: Painting in Want of Explic(it)ation.” 

Journal of Contemporary Painting Summer 1.2. 

Didi-Huberman, Georges. “The (Re)foldings of Simon Hantaï.” Journal of Contemporary Painting Summer 1.2.

Public Presentations

Finnes det feministisk krim? Investigating Gender in Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake/ Kilden kjø 20th anniversary celebration / 25 April 2018.

Learning as Unlearning: Pedagogy in the Gender Studies Classroom/ International Women’s Day, Litteraturhuset (Sellanraa), 8 March 2018.

The Birth of Cinema in France: A Spectator’s Guide to Lumière!(Thierry Frémaux, 2016) / Nova Kinosenter, Foreign Language Week, NTNU, 23 September 2017.