Background and activities

I'm a PhD candidate at the Computer Architecture and Design (CARD) where my supervisor is Gunnar Tufte. My field of research is unconventional computation, and my main focus is on computation in physical substrates.


Unconventional computation breaks with the silicon-based computer to explore radically different ways of doing information processing. My research builds on the intuition that information processing in nature (such as in our brain) is an inherently physical process. Through evolution, nature has designed highly efficient information processing units that vastly outperform anything built by humans. One view of computation in nature is that of a computational substrate whose physical properties are exploited for information processing.

My research views physical materials as computational substrates and seek to find ways to exploit its properties for computation. Of particular interest are self-organized nanomaterials with a wide range of dynamical properties. Such a "material computer" has the potential to be highly efficient since the computation happens in the rich physical domain.

Keywords: Reservoir Computing, Material Computiation, Dynamical Systems, Evolution-in-materio, Self-organized systems, bottom-up design

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