Background and activities

Kai Sandvold Beckwith started a 3-year postdoc at CEMIR in March 2016. Kai holds a MSc in Nanotechnology from NTNU, and a PhD in biophysics from NTNU, with Prof. Pawel Sikorski as supervisor. During his PhD, Kai developed new micro- and nanostructured surfaces intended for high throughput cell studies. In particular, he developed systems for surface-based transfection and cell manipulation via nanopillars and microscale cell patterning. The work involved extensive use of the NTNU NanoLab cleanroom facilities as well as advanced cell microscopy methods.

At CEMIR, Kai will utilize several complementary modern microscopy methods, such as TIRF, confocal/STED, FRET, FLIM and high throughput imaging, as well as specialized fluorescent dyes and proteins, to characterize processes such as phagocytosis, phagosome maturation and signaling, and phagosome manipulation by pathogens infecting immune cells.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Beckwith, Kai Sandvold; Sikorski, Pawel. (2011) A Study of Cultured Cells on a Nanowire-based Reverse Transfection Device. 2011.