Background and activities

This PhD-project entitled “A Simulator Approach to Concept Analysis and Optimization of Marine Power Plants (Smart Maritime WP3)”.

In this project, the developed simulators for system integration and optimization studies will be continued. In summary, the project consists of two main sections, the first section involves modeling of Fuel Cells by considering their applicability and key performance parameters in the marine application and the second section deals with implementing an optimized Energy Management System for hybrid power systems.


Supervisor: Professor Eilif Pedersen


Research Interests:

  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • Fuel Cell Modeling
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Optimization Methods (Multidisciplinary Design Optimization)
  • Numerical Simulation
  • Dynamics of Machinery
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics



Kamyar Maleki, Mahdi Sani, and Mohammad Said Saidi. "Enhancing Active Electro-Kinetic Micro-Mixer Efficiency by Introducing Vertical Electrodes and Modifying Chamber Aspect Ratio." Chemical Engineering and Processing-Process Intensification (2019): 107560

Kamyar Maleki, Mahdi Sani, and Mohammad Said Saidi. "Numerical Analysis of a Class of Active Electro-Kinetic Micro-Mixer by Applying Poisson-Nernst-Planck and Naiver-Stokes (PNP-NSE) Equations."

Technical Reports:

Comparing Performance of AMG Based on Beck Coarsening in Transport Equations and Navier-Stokes Equations. Project: Improving the linear solver of Rayan (In-house CFD code) by implementing Algebraic Multi-Grid based on CRS matrixes

Investigation the Effect of Forced Convection on Thermal Stress Reduction By Kamyar Maleki.  by Abaqus (Finite Element).



I hold BSc of Mechanical Engineering in the field of applied design by the main emphasis in numerical modeling of stress and strain analysis and multibody dynamics for the aim of optimized design.

 I also graded in MSc of Mechanical Engineering in the field of Energy Conversion by the main emphasis in numerical simulation of electro chemical flows by implementing in-house code computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Besides, I integrate coded Algebraic Multi grid linear solver in my MSc thesis to the mentioned Multiphysics model.

Scientific, academic and artistic work