Background and activities


  • Professor Marine Engineering


  • Mathematical Modeling and simulation of machinery systems
  • Modelling of physical systems using bond graph methodology
  • Thermofluid and thermodynamic systems modeling
  • Engineering dynamics and vibration, rotordynamics
  • Internal combustion engines and engine auxilliary systems
  • Marine Electric Hybrid Power Plants
  • Distributed simulations and co-simulation


  • TMR4275 Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Dynamic Systems
  • TMR4222 Marine Machinery and Maintenance
  • TMR4310 Marine Technology - Machinery
  • TMR4335 Marine Technology - Propulsion systems, safety and environment
  • TMR21     Marine mechatronics (3.75 module)
  • MR8405   Modeling and simulation of machinery systems (PhD-course)

On-going research:

  • Industrial PhD-projects
    • PhD-student Jone Torsvik (Equinor) (2020)
    • PhD-student Pramod Ghimire (Kongsberg Digital)
  • Ship Propulsion Dynamics and Emissions
    • PhD-student Sadi Tavakoli (2021)
  • SFI Smart Maritime (SmartMaritime)
    • PhD-student Yuan Tian
    • PhD-student Kamyar Maleki
    • PhD-student Jørgen B Nielsen (2019)
    • PhD-student Vladimir Krivipolianskij 
    • PhD-student Endre Sandvik (co-superviser)
    • PostDoc Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø
  • Virtual Prototyping of Marine Systems (ViProMa)
    • PhD-student: Stian Skjong (2017)
    • PostDoc Severin Sadjina
  • D2V - Design to Verification of Control Systems for Safe and Energy-Efficient Ships with Hybrid Power Plants
    • PhD-student Kevin Koosup Yum (2017)
    • PhD-student Michel Rejani Miyazaki (co-supervisor)
    • PhD-student Børge Rokseth (co-supervisor) (2018)
  • LEEDS - Low Energy and Emission Design of Ships
    • PhD-student Dig Vijay Singh
    • PhD-student Thorat Laxminarayan (co-supervisor)
  • Vessel Power Systems Design Decision Support using advanced Mathematical Modelling analysis
    • PhD-student Anna Swider (industrial PhD-student) (2018)
  • Heave compensatin crane modeling and design
    • PhD-student Chu Yingguang
  • Bond graphs in rotordynamics
    • No positions available currently

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