Background and activities

I am Professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. I have a MSc and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Vienna, Austria.

My research focuses on non-linear partial differential equations that govern the motion of waves. These equations also model wave phenomena such as wave breaking. I investigate, with the help of mathematical methods, which influence a wave phenomenon has on the future shape of a wave for a given wave profile.

Current projects

I am currently supervising 3 PhD students and mentoring 1 PostDoc.


  • K. Grunert and A. Reigstad, Traveling waves for the nonlinear variational wave equation, arXiv:2009.03178.
  • K. Grunert and A. Reigstad, A regularized system for the nonlinear variational wave equation, arXiv:2008.13003.
  • S. T. Galtung and K. Grunert, A numerical study of variational discretizations of the Camassa--Holm equation, arXiv:2006.15562.
  • K. Grunert, A. Nordli, and S. Solem, Numerical conservative solutions of the Hunter-Saxton equation, arXiv:2005.03882.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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