Background and activities

Kristian Steinnes is Professor of modern European historyat the Dept of historical studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He holds a PhD in modern European history focussing on transnational political processes in Europe and the UK. He has stayed for one academic year at the Centre for European and International Studies Research ved University of Portsmouth, UK, and for shorter periods of time at the European University Institute, Firenze.

He teach subjects dealing with modern European history which includes courses at the European Studies Programme at the NTNU, and he supervise students at all levels in relevant areas.

Fields of interest/research

  • European Union/European integration history (Research at the European Studies programme/NTNU
  • Transnational econoimc, political and social processes
  • Brexit
  • Modern British history
  • Modern political and economic history (International/Norwegian)
  • Social demoracy

Selected publications:

Between Independence and Integration: European social democratic Parties and direct Elections to the European Parliament in the 1970s, in Les parties poilitique européens face aux premières élections directes du Parlement Européen/European Political Parties and the First Direct Elections to the European Parliament, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden, Germany, pp. 53–72, 2015

A Socialist Europe? Democratic Socialist Party Ideas and the process of European Integration 1960-1973, i European Parties and the European Integration Process, 1945–1992, (eds.) Bonfreschi, Lucia; Orsina, Giovanni; Varsori, Antonio, P.I.E. Lang, Bruxelles, 2015

The British Labour Party, Transnational Influences and European Community Membership, 1960–1973, Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, 217 pages, 2014

“The European Turn and ‘Social Europe’: Northern European Social Democracy 1950–85”, in Sozialdemocratie 150 jahre, Archiv für Sozialgeschichte 53, Bonn, 2013

“Northern European Social Democracy and European Integration, 1960–1972. Moving towards a New Consensus?”, in Daniela Preda & Daniele Pasquinucci (eds./dir.), Consensus and European Integration. An Historical, Perspective/Consensus et integration européenne. Une perspective historique, P.I.E. Lang, Bruxelles :107–122, 2012

'Socialist party networks in northern Europe: Moving towards the EEC applications of 1967', in  Wolfram Kaiser, Brigitte Leucht, Morten Rasmussen (eds): The history of the European Union: origins of a trans- and supranational polity 1950-1972, Routledge, London 2009.

'Norway's 1994 quest for EU membership: Ideas of National culture and Europe in Norwegian political discourse', with Lise Rye, P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2010.

Ved egne krefter. Harstads historie 1904–2004, 619 pages, 2003

'The European Challenge: Britain’s EEC Application in 1961', in Contemporary Europan History, Vol. 7, no. 1, Cambridge University Press, 1998