Background and activities

Medical doctor, currently psychiatric department, Levanger hospital. Clinical experience from addiction medicine, neurology, rehabilitation and general practice.

Cand. med. 2010, NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Joint Phd in Behaviour and Health 2014 -. Joint with Australian National University, ANU.
Social epidemiology. Multimorbidity. Health service research. 

My project is  'Multimorbidity, operationalization and social epidemiolgy of multimorbidity'. People with low social status, on average have worse health, both somatic and mental. I investigate the prevalence of multimorbidity in a general population, and its association to socioeconomic position, sex and age. I explore several definitions of multimorbidity. I also investigate how different definitions of multimorbidity and its determinants, associates with mortality.

The data are from HUNT3, the third wave of the HUNT Study, performed in 2006-08. I have created a complete list of chronic conditions in HUNT3, from which different operationalizations of multimorbidity can be derived.
Supervisors: Erik R Sund, Steinar Krokstad, Johan H. Bjørngaard and Kirsty Douglas, ANU.

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