Background and activities


Medical doctor. Clinical experience from addiction medicine, neurology, rehabilitation and general practice.


Cand. med. 2010, NTNU, NOrwegian University of Science and Technology

Joint Phd in Behaviour and Health 2014 -. Joint with Australian National University, ANU.


Health service research. Social epidemiology. Multimorbidity.


The PhD project is "Socioeconomic inequalities in specialized health care utilization".

The background for the project is socioeconomic inequality in health, that is, that low education or income (or some other marker for low socioeconomic position, SEP) is associated with poorer mental and somatic health, as well as multimorbidity (that a person has several, chronic diseases).

We wish to explore how the health service (HS) system in Norway contribute to social inequality in health. We will look at how SEP influence use of HS, adjusted for mental health and multimorbidity. We will investigate the social epidemiology of multimorbidity, using different definitions, in a general population. Finally, we will investigate how socioeconomic differences in use of health service is distributed with regards to the major clinical disciplines.

The data is the Nord Trøndelag Health Study, HUNT-3 (2006-2008), the Norwegian patient registry, NPR, and education from Statistics Norway (SSB).

Supervisors: Erik R Sund, Steinar Krokstad, Johan H. Bjørngaard and Kirsty Douglas, ANU.