Background and activities

ResearchTitle of PhD project: "Synthetic cooperation and learning. A studie of knowledgeproduction and design in online computergames".


The goal of this study is to get a better insight into cooperation processes between users, technology and the designers of MMORPGs. From my own experiences, as well as earlier work in the field, I have noticed the large amount of knowledge needed, used and spread by gamers. This knowledge is central in how to game is played, and is a key element for the individual player to achieve some kind of success within these games.

The game studies field is growing rapidly, but it cannot keep up with the constantly evolving game culture and industry. My wish is to approach the game studies field from a Science and Technology perspective, looking in particular on heavy users (socalled powergamers) and connected technologies (websites, databases, movies etc linked to the game).

Keywords: usercultures, computergames, online worlds, MMORPG