Background and activities

I am an Associate Professor at Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture where I research the relationship between technology and society. I am interested in how digital technologies are made part of our everyday life, and how appropriation can lead to new and unexpected meanings and practices. In addition I am concerned with how technology can be used to include and exclude vulnerable groups of users.

In both research and teaching I combine internet- and game studies with perspectives from Science and Technology Studies (STS). I use using qualitative methods like interviews and ethnography in combination with theoretical approaches such as actor-network-theory, script and domestication, to focus on my analysis on the heterogenous, complex, changeable and relational.

In 2016 I defended my PhD thesis “Ludic Work: Assemblages, domestication and co-productions of play”. While playing video games are often framed as an all-encompassing activity too fun to put down, my research shows that neither engagement nor fun comes from nothing -it is the result of ludic work. The papers in my thesis discuss negotiations of play in everyday life, how players become experts, friendship in online games, organization of gaming communities and the involvement of non-human actors in play.

I teach two bachelor courses: KULT1101 Digital Cultures/HFO1001 Digital Changes and KULT2201 Digitalization and Societal change. In addition, I advise both master- and PhD students on topics such as internet, gaming, innovation and users.

Research interests

  • Digitalization
  • User perspective
  • Online communities
  • Pop culture
  • Technology and gender
  • Everyday life

Ongoing research projects


Today’s migration situation has brought opportunities and challenges to the Norwegian education system. LIM addresses both through a focus on integration of students of upper secondary school age (VGs). Research shows that learning strategies that include both Norwegian and migrant students are important for successful integration. In LIM we will develop three innovative and engaging learning opportunities for Norwegian and migrant students aimed at improving academic and integration outcomes. 

Project website:


This project investigates how gamer parents mediate player practices in their children. Conflicts between parents and children about time spent playing video games and gaming interests in general, are common. These conflicts arise, at least in part, from parents' lack of experience with digital games, so what happens when people who have been gaming most of their lives become parents themselves? How does gaming literacy among parents shape the gaming habits of their children?



Research publications

Ask, K., Spilker, H. S., & Hansen, M. (2019). The politics of user-platform relationships: Co-scripting live-streaming on First Monday, 24(7).

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Ask, K. & Svendnsen, S.H.B (2014). Bug or feature? Seksuell trakassering i online dataspill. Report available at:

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Ask, K. (2011). Spiller du riktig?–Tid, moral og materialitet i domestiseringen av et online dataspill. Norsk medietidsskrift, 18(02), 140-157.

Selected examples of science communication

Ask, K., Antonsen, M. A., & Karlstrøm, H. (2014). The many faces of engagement. Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies 2014 ;Volum 2.(2)

Antonsen, M., Ask, K. & Johansen, A. (2013). Making sense of Nordicness, or making Nordicness?Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies 2013 ;Volum 1.(1) s. 3-4

Ask, K (2015) What I said about games and gender at UNs Women Conference CSW. Blogpost at (March 26th)

Bergstrøm, Ida Irene (2015). Online computer games force women into the closet. (February 17th)


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Søraa, Roger Andre; Ask, Kristine. (2021) Kapittel 10 – digitalisering av kontroll (kontroll av dyr gjennom virtuelle gjerder). Digitalisering - samfunnsendring, brukerperspektiv og kritisk tenkning.
  • Søraa, Roger Andre; Ask, Kristine. (2021) Kapittel 8 – Digitalisering av helse. Digitalisering - samfunnsendring, brukerperspektiv og kritisk tenkning.
  • Søraa, Roger Andre; Ask, Kristine. (2021) Kapittel 9 – Digitalisering av arbeid. Digitalisering - samfunnsendring, brukerperspektiv og kritisk tenkning.
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  • Ask, Kristine. (2017) Den skjøre leken. Spillmagi - Fortellinger om dataspill.


  • Ask, Kristine; Sørensen, Knut Holtan; Lagesen, Vivian Anette; Gansmo, Helen Jøsok. (2016) Ludic Work: Assemblages, domestications and co-productions of play. 2016. ISBN 978-82-326-1921-4.
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