Background and activities

I am currently on sabbatical and will spend the periode July 2019 - July 2020 at JKMRC - University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia



  • GEOL1005 Geometallurgy
  • TGB4240 Process Mineralogy
  • GB8402 Advanced Process Mineralogy


Ongoing PhD upervision:

  • Camilo Andrés Mena Silva: Effective Sampling and Mineral Characterization at Sibelco Stjernøy - InRec project WP2
  • Aleksandra Lang: Geometallurgical flowsheet development and specification at Verdalskalk AS - InRec project WP1
  • Ida Røisi: Development of process mineralogical understanding of Norwegian REE deposits and development of methodology

PhD supervised to completion:

  • Marte Tøgersen: Increased Recovery of Iron from the Storforsheid Iron Formation (2019)
  • Kristin Husebø Hestnes: Development of process mineralogy for optimization and increased value of the mineral production in Sibelco Nordic (2013)


Ongoing research projects:

  • InRec - Increased Recovery in the Norwegian Mining Industry by Implementing the Geometallurgical Concept
  • MarMine - Exploitation Technologies for Marine Minerals on the Extended Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • MiMaC - Norwegian Laboratory for Mineral and Materials Characterisation
  • CAMOC - Centre of Advanced Mineral and Ore Characterization


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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  • Aasly, Kurt; Malvik, Terje; Myrhaug, Edin. (2007) A review of previous work on important properties of quartz for FeSi and Si metal production. INFACON XI: Innovations in the Ferro Ally Industry, Volum 1.
  • Aasly, Kurt; Malvik, Terje; Myrhaug, Edin. (2007) Advanced methods to characterize thermal properties of quartz. INFACON XI: Innovations in the Ferro Ally Industry, Volum 1.
  • Aasly, Kurt; Malvik, Terje; Myrhaug, Edin. (2006) Quartz for Carbothermic Production of Silicon - effect of the process steps, handling and transport from mine to furnace. Silicon for the chemical industry VIII.


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