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Norwegian Laboratory for Mineral and Materials Characterisation (MiMaC)


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     Infrastructure for the entire value chain from minerals to materials

The potential for innovations in the mineral and metallurgy industry is high. The mineral industry faces major challenges in the exploitation of minerals that require more advanced characterization methods for profitability assessment and more complex methods for recovery.

As one of the most important manufacturing industry sectors, the Norwegian metal industry is facing the challenge to develop more value-added innovative materials and metal products. To meet the critical challenges, it is of great importance to develop world leading research environments and expertise in the fields, based on state-of-the-art characterization facilities in Norway.

MiMaC establishes an infrastructure that will be utilized for characterization of the structure and chemical composition of minerals, metals and advanced nanomaterials. The laboratory will be capable of characterizing structure features from atomic to micrometer scale in 1-3 dimensions, and chemical composition down to ppb-level. The laboratory will facilitate the advancing of international leading research environments in mineral science and material science, and the sustainable development of the national mineral and metal industry.

MiMaC has been built on the existing laboratories at NTNU, SINTEF and the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU). The holistic approach of studying the whole value chain from minerals to materials opens new opportunities for interdisciplinary research. The laboratory will strengthen basic and applied research in the field of minerals and materials. This will be of great importance to innovation in the mineral and metal industry in Norway. MiMaC will also strengthen research on nanomaterials and other advanced materials in Norway.


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The Research Council of Norway is acknowledged for the support to the Norwegian Laboratory for Mineral and Materials Characterisation, MiMaC, project number 269842/F50.