Automated Mineralogy System

NTNU Department of Geoscience and Petroleum

Automated Mineralogy System


Zeiss Sigma 300 field emission SEM with Mineralogic software for Quantitative Mineralogical Analyses rocks and ores.

Equipped with: 

  • Bruker EDS
  • panchromatic CL
  • High-speed EBSD

Fields of use - Automated Mineralogy

Fields of use - Automated Mineralogy

Automated Mineralogy System field of use

  • Quantitative mineralogical analyses
  • Automated analyses for mineralogy and petrography
  • Mineral liberation analyses
  • Textural analyses of rocks and ores Rare phase search

Compl. labs - Electron Probe

Complementary laboratories near by:

  • IGP Mineral processing lab
  • NTNU Paleo- and Rock Magnetic laboratory
  • IGP Chemical- mineralogical lab: XRF; XRD;
  • ICP-MS Automated mineralogy system
  • Advanced optical microscopy lab: Fluid inclusion system; Heating stage;