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Description - LA-SS

Teledyne - Photon Machines Analyte Excite 193 nm excimer laser coupled to a Nu Plasma 3 MC-ICP-MS, an Agilent "triple - quadrupole" (QqQ)-ICP-MS, or both mass spectrometers simultaneously in the laser-ablation split
-stream (LA-SS) configuration. This system can simultaneously measure a wide range of elemental and isotopic systems in mineral and other materials.




Senior engineer, NGU

Magdalena Huyskens


Magdalena Huyskens portrait photo

Fields of use - LA-SS

Field of use

  • Trace element and isotopic analysis and mapping of rock-forming, ore, and accessory minerals, and other materials
  • Simultaneous U-Pb, trace element, and isotopic (e.g., Lu-Hf, Sm-Nd) analysis of minerals


Compl. labs - LA-SS

Complementary equipment at NGU 


  • LA-HR-ICP-MS for isotope and elemental analyses in minerals and fused materials
  • SEM with quantitative capabilities
  • Noble gas isotope laboratory ICP-AES, XRF and XRD
  • A diverse range of instruments for dedicated chemical, mineral and mechanical characterizatio