Background and activities


2010– Research & Education Coordinator, Department of Telematics (ITEM), NTNU
2005–2010 PhD candidate, Q2S, Centre of Excellence, NTNU
2005 MEng Telecommunications, Services and Uses, INSA Lyon, France

Administrative work and responsibilities

  • Academic advising, ITEM
  • Admissions (Master's level), ITEM
  • Student exchanges (incoming and outgoing), ITEM
  • Recruitment (PhD candidates, Post-doctoral fellows), ITEM
  • Quality assurance in education, ITEM
  • Course planning, ITEM
  • Department visits, ITEM
  • Health, Safety and Environment - local coordination, ITEM
  • Web redaction, ITEM
Internal committees and councils
  • Leader group, ITEM: member
  • Program council, MTKOM: secretary and deputy member
  • Program council, MSTCNNS/MSSECMOB: secretary and deputy member
  • Academic committee, IME-faculty: deputy member
  • (Past) Steering committee, FRIKT student recruitment, IME-faculty : member
Other internal fora:
  • Web redaction, IME-faculty: ITEM representative
  • Office managers forum, IME-faculty: ITEM representative
  • International forum, IME-faculty: ITEM representative
  • Studies forum, IME-faculty: ITEM representative
  • Recruitment group, IME-faculty: ITEM representative

Scientific work

PhD research topic: Applying ant-based techniques for path management in wireless mesh networks

PhD advisor: Prof. Bjarne E. Helvik

Keywords: ant colony optimization, ant-based routing, cross-entropy ant system, cross-entropy method, multi-hop wireless networks, opportunistic routing, network simulation