Background and activities

My research mainly takes a discourse analytical perspective and addresses the interactive work of adult learning and subjectification in everyday practices (e.g. education, family life, the media, popular culture). Recently I have investigated family life and parenting as lifelong learning practices, and I am currently working on the pedagogics of lifestyle change portrayed in popular culture. I am interested in methodological debates on qualitative research, for instance, the socially interactive aspects of ethnographies and interviews, analysis and reflexivity. I regularly conduct reviews for several international journals, and I am a member of the editorial advisory board for Pedagogy, Culture and Society.

Together with some colleagues I run the Discourse Seminar where researchers within various research fields come together to analyse interactional data:

I have initiated the research group Learning in Everyday Practices focusing on learning beyond formal education:

I am also part of a research group highlighting the role of dialogue in adult learning and counselling practices:

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

  • Aarsand, Liselott; Aarsand, Pål. (2019) Doing Data Analysis – Collaboration, Creativity and Critique. Doing Educational Research — Overcoming Challenges In Practice.
  • Aarsand, Liselott. (2015) Confessional talk on parenting. Foucault and a Politics of Confession in Education.
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