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Marianne Ryghaug, holds a PhD in Political Science and is full Professor of Science and Technology Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is Deputy Director of Centre for Studies of Sustainable Energy (CenSES), a national centre for environment-friendly energy research. She has been engaged in energy and climate related research since 1999 and has published widely on these topics in top international journals. Her areas of expertise include energy and climate policy, sustainability transitions and innovation policy, and studies of users, practices and public engagement. Ryghaug has a long track record for scholarly as well as practical experience with interdisciplinary research and research collaboration with industry and public authorities, both nationally and internationally. The last years her research has particularly been focused on research related to the development, implementation and use of smart grids, smart homes and electric vehicles. nergy and climate policy, energy and everyday life, energy use and building design, the cultural dynamics of new renewable energy technologies, environmental communication, science and innovation policy.


Current Research Projects

MATCH: Markets, actors and technologies – A comparative study of smart grids solutions  (ERA-net Smart grids plus, 2016-2018). See:

INVADE Integrated electric vehicles and batteries to empower distributed and centralised storage in distribution grids (H2020, 2017-2019)

SHAPE-ENERGY Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy (Horizon 2020, 2017-2019)


Current Research Center Involvement

CenSES Center for sustianable energy studies (Norwegian research council, 2011-2019)

CINELDI Center for intelligent electricity distribution (Norwegian Research Council, 2016-2024)


Previous research projects

IHSMAG Integrating Households in the Smart Grid

Climate knowledge on the road. Scientific knowledge, transdiciplinarity and the performance of expertise. 

Preparing for a rainy day: Configuring climate science for future society

Strategies for commercialisation and market development of new renewableenergy-technology

Building markets, shaping policy? The role of economics in energy policy and energy use

Professionalism and pragmatism? The management of environmental knowledge and interdisciplinarity in consulting companies

ECar, A strategy for electrification of road transport in Norway

Coping with the threat of climate change: technological strategies and cultural

Aesthetics versus energy efficiency. The role of architects in the building designing process


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