Background and activities

Ph.d.-candidate in clinical medicine and Assistant Professor in child welfare at Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare (RKBU), NTNU

Current position

Ph.D.-candidate on the project Perceived Social Support Among Adolescents in Residential Youth Care, using data from the main project entitled Mental Health in Children and Adolescents living in Residential Youth Care.  25 % of my position consists of compulsory work for RKBU, such as teaching and supervision.

At RKBU I participate in the group "Public health and municipal services", with focus on mental health among children and adolescents.


  • Bachelors degree in social work at Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag
  • Masters degree in Public Health focusing on lifestyle changes at Høgskolen i Hedmark
  • Children supervisor and social worker/social supervisor at a primary school
  • Supervisor in foster care
  • Social worker in child welfare, monitoring adolescents living alon
  • Social worker/therapist at a Residential Youth Care institution
  • Social worker at section for spinal cord injury, St. Olavs Hospital


  • Mental health among children and adolescents
  • Child Welfare
  • Adolescents living in Residential Youth Care
  • Social support
  • Adolescence and development
  • Public health focusing on mental health among children and adolescents


  • Ph.d. in perceived social support among adolescents living in residential youth care. The study is a part of the national project Mental health among children and adolescents in Residential Youth Care.
  • BliMedNo - a public health conference for children and youth
  • Public health work in local authorities


  • Adolescence, development and culture in the Master's degree program Adolescents, drugs and addiction
  • Mental health in public health

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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