Background and activities

I am an associate professor of work and organizational psychology at the Department of Psychology and affiliated with the Centre for Health Promotion Research. In 2012, I defended my doctoral thesis: "Work and health in a changing world: The implications of job demands and resources for job satisfaction and health at work."

I have been project manager on two Nordic projects dealing with positive factors in the working life and healthy engaged workers in healthy organisations. In these projects I have together with my Nordic partners worked to map and test theories and methods on positive factors in the working life adapted to Nordic working life.

I am researching, and have been part of the development of ARK, which is a comprehensive mapping and implementation programme to promote psychosocial working environment and climate in the university and university college sector in Norway.

I also lead a work package in the H2020 project "H-work - Multilevel Interventions to Promote Mental Health in SMEs and Public Workplaces". Together with 14 partners from nine different countries, we will develop and test multi-level tools and measures to promote mental health in Europe. Watch the video "Going to research working environment that provides good mental health" for more information.

Other projects that I am a part of are:

  • Understanding Healthy Workplaces: Cross-Cultural Comparisons between Norway and the United States", founded by Peder Seather, collaboration with UC Berkeley (interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces), Business school of Norway Campus Stavanger and University of Tampere, Finland.
  • "Successful aging in the worklife" collaboration with HRM Han university Nijmegen, Netherland,
  • "Healthy healthcare" – European consortium.
  • Developing and testing tools for implementing organizational interventions, collaboration with Work Psychology, Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield.  
  • The leaders' role in the process of organisational interventions in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, the business school.
  • BAT- Development and testing of the Burnout Assessment Tool. Contact: Marit Christensen

Professional interests

Occupational health

Work engagement

Health promotion

Organisational interventions

Development of measuring tools for the psychosocial working environment

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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