Background and activities

I am the Administrative Coordinator of the Immersive Technology and Robotics Lab (ImRo-Lab), where I assist in administering both national and EU-funded research projects housed in the lab. I also serve as an EU advisor for the Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science, where I assist researchers in applying for and securing EU-funded grants.

I have a Masters from Harvard University, where I studied South Asian languages, literature, and religion, and worked in the Harvard administration before coming to NTNU. In addition to my administration work, I am interested in ethics, religion, and spirituality as they relate to contemporary technology and robotics.



  • AUTOWORK is an international research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council, where Norwegian and Australian researchers are studying the future of work as it is effected by automation, robotization, and digitalization. 

  • LIFEBOTS-Exchange is a Marie Skłodowska Curie Action that facilitates researcher and staff exchange between universities and SMEs across Europe and South Korea with the goal of developing a holistic understanding of social robotics in the intersection of care, user interaction, technology, and society.

  • LIFEBOTS-Exchange Extended (LEE) is a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council to extend the reach of LIFEBOTS by involving Norwegian SMEs who will generate and exchange knowledge in Norway through workshops and participate in larger LIFEBOTS activities.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications